Your website is powered by the biggest names in the industry and the best technology money can buy. Built on top of the Microsoft .NET framework and hosted at Rackspace you can rest assured your website won’t let you down.

Constant Improvement

Because RPMWare is a hosted service you’ll never have to install, configure or manage anything. It simply works as soon as you signup. If you can use a web browser you can use RPMWare. You’ll also get all the software updates without lifting a finger. Your website is kept running smoothly and updated religiously. We’re constantly releasing new features and improving performance.


Powered By Rackspace

Rackspace is bar-none the most reputable and respected managed hosting provider in the industry. Your website is hosted in their safe, secure and fast datacenter all backed by what they call Fanatical Support ®.

What It Means To You

We’re committed to providing you the fastest and most reliable tool to help you build your business. Rackspace helps us achieve that goal by expertly managing your networking and server hardware. We spend the time saved building new features and adding more product lines.

Incredible Hardware

Your website is hosted on dedicated DELL servers with super-fast processors, gobs of RAM and hard drives with 15k red-lines. Just as you choose the perfect setup for your vehicles, we’ve picked the cream of the crop to power your website.

24/7/365 Support & Monitoring

Rackspace takes monitoring to the next level. You website will be monitored 24/7/365. If there is ever an issue rest assured knowing that Rackspace’s techs, as well as our own, will be on the issue within 5 minutes.

Safety & Security

Your website is protected behind enterprise class Cisco firewalls and networking equipment all covered by Rackspace’s 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Your data is always safe. All sensitive information is encrypted and backups are taken every hour to prevent any data loss even in the event of a hardware failure or other catastrophic event.

You’re in Good Company

Rackspace (RAX) is a NYSE publicly traded company with solid financials and a proven track record. Your site is hosted in the same building as some serious heavy hitters: American Express, Verizon, Walt Disney, Marvel, Atari and Microsoft to name just a few.



All RPMWare websites are built for and deployed on the Microsoft platform.

.NET Framework 3.5 – aka ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a scalable, fast and robust web application framework. In laymen’s terms it’s what we use to program your website. It’s the same framework that powers sites like and MySpace. Proven. Reliable. Fast.

SQL Server 2008 x64

Not to brag, but out database is huge. It is bulging with a massive product catalog and all the other records required to run your successful online business. We rely on the proven performance and reliability of Microsoft SQL Server. 64-bit means we can take full advantage of all the power our DELL servers offer.

Windows Server 2008 x64

None of this would work without a great operating system. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 is the latest and greatest from (you guessed it) Microsoft. Constantly monitored and patched by Rackspace you’ll never worry about IT headaches again.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon S3

All files uploaded to RPMWare are securely stored on Amazon S3, a scalable storage system that provides the storage for, the other Amazon websites and thousands of independent sites using Amazon Web Services. Think of S3 as a huge, redundant, fully backed up file server cluster with a huge pipe connecting it to the net.


CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) built and supported by It’s similar to Amazon S3 with a very important advantage. Everything you look at on the Internet needs to be downloaded from a server somewhere. If those servers happen to be closer to you physically you’re content will load faster. A CDN maintains servers around the country (and the globe) and uses specialized algorithms to load content from the servers closest physically to your users.

The end result is another speed boost for your website as images are loaded from servers physically closer to your users. Wherever they happen to be.

Fine Print: Rackspace and Fanatical Support are both registered trademarks of Rackspace US, Inc. Microsoft, Windows, .NET and SQL Server are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Amazon Web Services, S3 and CloudFront are all registered trademarks of Amazon Web Services LLC.