Your website will display "Contact Us for Pricing" when we're unable to determine the selling price for an item. We do this, as opposed to hiding $0 items, to ensure your site displays the most complete catalog possible.

When Contact Us for Pricing is Displayed

  1. You have set pricing to zero. (e.g. 100% Percentage Discount, $0 Fixed Price Discount, or a Fixed Amount Discount greater than the item's price). In some cases this is done intentionally to allow the site owner to quote prices rather than advertise them.
  2. Pricing is not yet available for the item. We occassionaly receive products from manufacturers without pricing. We add these to the database to ensure you have a complete listing of products. Our data team will add pricing as soon as it is available.
  3. You have set a discount from MSRP (for example) and the item does not have a MSRP price. Please see below for more information.

Incomplete Manufacturer Pricing

In some rare instances, manufacturers do not release consistent pricing (MSRP, Jobber, MAP) across all their products.

Case in point: Exedy's OEM products only have Jobber pricing, but their Sports products have MSRP, Jobber, and MAP. If you set pricing at the Exedy brand level to 10% off MSRP, all Exedy OEM products will display "Contact Us for Pricing" because 10% off nothing (no MSRP price) equals zero.

To fix this you must set pricing at the product group level. For instance, keep brand level pricing set to 10% off MSRP, and set Exedy OEM group level pricing to 5% off Jobber.