Maximize Exposure

With hundreds of sites online, RPMWare shops generate nearly 5 million page views every month. Put your products in front of thousands of engaged customers.

When you partner with RPMWare, your products are added to our catalog and placed directly in front of hundreds of shop owners. They’ll see your parts in the catalog and also see your product announcements on our blog and within the RPMWare application.

Trust the Data Experts

We eat, sleep, and breathe automotive data. Let us manage your product information and our data team will handle all the spreadsheet wrangling, image cropping, and data standardization so you don’t have to.

Simply provide the raw materials and we'll transform them into industry approved AAIA standards. We clean it up, format it and give it back as usable Application Guides and Price Lists in addition to adding it to our catalog. Our unique formats are easy for people to read and for computers to process.

The RPMWare Data Team keeps our catalog constantly updated. Changes are immediately pushed out to all of our customers so everyone is always working with the most current information.

Maintained By Millions

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has access to millions of eyeballs to catch them. We, our customers, and their customers are excellent at catching and fixing mistakes.

Reporting & Insight

Instant, real-time access to important stats about your products.

Beautiful Data Exports

One click access to beautifully formatted price sheets, and application guides. ACES/PIES and custom exports are also available.

Spread the Word

Put your entire catalog and new product press releases in front of the shop owners that need to know. From there, you can track best selling items month in month out to see what your customers are selling!


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