Data Licensing

Our Catalog

We maintain a massive catalog of automotive products including essential and hard-to-obtain metadata such as fitment information, specifications and multiple product images. The catalog is based on, and fully compatible with, AAIA industry standards, but much, much better. We’ve augmented the standard AAIA data in several areas to better suit our industry. AAIA doesn’t cover things like non-United States vehicles and engine swaps. We do.

Maintained by Millions

Websites powered by RPMWare attract millions of visitors each month — visitors who ask questions and place orders every day. Those questions, and any issues with those orders, make their way up through our clients and help us improve every aspect of the catalog.

Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

We’ve been maintaining automotive catalogs within RPMWare for the past four years, and for shops, warehouse distributors and manufacturers since Prince released 1999. Simply put it’s a daunting task, and nearly impossible at the scale we do it. We’ve developed, and redeveloped, countless tools, processes and workflows over the past few years to get it right.


More Sales with Less Effort

Sales reps equipped with the right information and the proper tools are capable of producing more sales and processing them more quickly. Your reps don’t need to memorize all the different exhausts available for a 2010 GTR anymore. We know, and we’ll put that information at their fingertips.

Better Customer Service

Your sales people can’t devote their full attention to the customer if they are busy searching for a paper catalog, a post-it-note or a new application guide. We can’t completely eliminate the search but we can make it significantly faster and return more complete and accurate results.

Fewer Returns

Sell the right part, for the right application the first time around and watch your RMAs shrink as a result. Incorrect fitment information comprises the largest percentage of returns at most shops and WDs. Proper use of the RPMWare Product Catalog can drastically reduce the number of shipping boxes you see twice.

What’s Included


Your subscription to RPMWare Catalog Management gets you access to the raw data within our catalog for use in your internal systems and self-hosted B2B websites.

You can specify the format of the data and let us transform it to meet your needs, use our best-practice format or accept it in valid AAIA ACES and PIES standards. We’ll transfer new data to you up to four times a day via API, database dump or database replication.


We are experts at maintaining extensive automotive catalogs and making use of the data contained within. You’ll have direct access to our collective expertise in both areas. In the past we’ve done everything from helping manufacturers construct their part-number schemes to ERP system consulting and warehouse planning.


We’ve put an incredible amount of work into building RPMWare and maintaining its heart: the product catalog. We’re incredibly proud of it and are always interested and excited to discuss and improve our product.

Getting Started

RPMWare Data Management is only available to established warehouse distributors. If you fit that bill and are ready to give your business the tools it needs to thrive please get in touch. We can typically get you setup and running within a week or two.