Modern motor oils have changed and no longer include the Zinc, ZDDP, and extreme pressure additives that are needed to protect the camshaft and lifters with flat tappet cams. The 4 oz. bottle treats 5-7 quarts of oil and prevents scuffing, galling & provides protection for the valve-train on your muscle car, hot rod, street rod, or classic car. Compatible with synthetic, petroleum, and blended motor oils. Add a bottle to the crankcase of your engine at each oil change.


  • Protects Your Camshaft & Flat Tappet Lifters
  • Treats 5-7 Quarts of Motor Oil
  • Add A Bottle w/ Each Oil Change
  • Made in the USA

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// 78050G Mr Gasket Zinc Engine Oil Additive (78050G)
High Zinc Oil Additive
Size : 4oz Bottle

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