The replacement intake manifolds feature larger diameter ‘’runners’’ for improved engine efficiency at higher engine speeds (rpm) resulting in increased horsepower and torque. The result is faster overall acceleration, with the car feeling noticeably more willing right up to the rev-limiter.

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// D760-5400 Dinan High Flow Intake Manifold (D760-5400)
High Flow Intake Manifold
Air Box Color / Finish : N/A
Air Box Depth (in) : N/A
Air Box Included : No
Air Box Length (in) : N/A
Air Box Material : N/A
Air Box Width (in) : N/A
Air Filter Element Color : N/A
Air Filter Element Material : N/A
Air Filter Element Washable : N/A
Air Filter End Cap Color / Finish : N/A
Air Filter Heat Shield Color / Finish : N/A
Air Filter Heat Shield Included : No Filter Heat Shield Required
Air Filter Heat Shield Material : N/A
Air Filter Inside Diameter (in) : N/A
Air Filter Large End Diameter (in) : N/A
Air Filter Oil Included : No Ofilter Oil Required
Air Filter Outlet Length (in) : N/A
Air Filter Outlet Shape : N/A
Air Filter Outlet Width (in) : N/A
Air Filter Outside Diameter (in) : N/A
Air Filter Overall Height (in) : N/A
Air Filter Overall Length (in) : N/A
Air Filter Overall Width (in) : N/A
Air Filter Small End Diameter (in) : N/A
Clamp Color / Finish : N/A
Clamp Material : N/A
Clamp Quantity Included : No Clamps Required
Clamp Type : N/A
Coupler Color / Finish : N/A
Coupler Material : N/A
Coupler Quantity Included : N/A
Filter Color : N/A
Filter End 1 Outside Diameter : N/A
Filter End 2 Outside Diameter : N/A
Filter Material : N/A
Hose Color : N/A
Hose Length : N/A
Hose Material : N/A
Inside Diameter : N/A
Intake Pipe Color / Finish : N/A
Intake Pipe Inlet Length (in) : N/A
Intake Pipe Inlet Shape : N/A
Intake Pipe Inlet Width (in) : N/A
Intake Pipe Material : N/A
Intake Pipe Outlet Length (in) : N/A
Intake Pipe Outlet Shape : N/A
Intake Pipe Outlet Width (in) : N/A
Intake Pipe Ports : N/A
Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter Included : No
Mounting Hardware Included : N/A
Vacuum Tubing Color / Finish : N/A
Vacuum Tubing Included : No Vacuum Tubing Required
Vacuum Tubing Material : N/A

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