• Ensures that full AFC link travel occurs with a reasonable amount of boost and allows smoke control by adjusting the star wheel
  • Spring tension is sufficient to allow smoke adjustment without reducing power at usually attained boost levels
  • Spring is a bit longer to give a bit of “pre-load “without turning the star wheel so far that full link travel may be impeded
  • AFC Spring Kit Includes:
  • Medium tension AFC Spring
  • Light tension AFC spring
  • Short, medium, and long break-off screws, M6 × 1.0 thread
  • Short, medium, and long button-head Allen screws
  • M6 × 1.0 thread.3 & 4 mm Allen wrenches

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//d5otzd52uv6zz.cloudfront.net/d4111652-1e03-4791-9713-3fdfa197fc22-50.jpg 1040181 BD Diesel AFC Spring Kit (1040181)
AFC Spring Kit
For P7100 Pump
Incl Medium/Light Tension AFC Springs & Hardware

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