Utilize the COBB Boost Tap for your vehicle to cleanly gain access to a boost reference. This installs between the PCV hose and intake manifold and allows for up to two nipples for boost reference. Includes required hardware for installation as well as a set screw for capping the unused port in cases where only one reference is needed.


  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Laser Etched COBB Logo
  • Allows for 2 Boost/Vacuum References

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//d5otzd52uv6zz.cloudfront.net/b9ab4a42-60a6-4921-abd1-d59d5a785c2d-50.jpg 8V1300 COBB Tuning Boost Tap (8V1300)
Boost Tap
//d5otzd52uv6zz.cloudfront.net/e9a41c75-d023-40ea-ba40-d5f097d80742-50.jpg 8V2300 COBB Tuning Boost Tap (8V2300)
Boost Tap

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