Dinan has utilized its extensive knowledge of BMW specifications to produce its own premier cast aluminum wheel set. Dinan wheel packages are well regarded within the industry as some of the most aggressively wide based options available. We do this to provide the car superior traction and versatility under a myriad of driving conditions. In addition to affording the car the ability to attain and hold peak performance ratings as required by Dinan’s lofty standards the Dinan branded wheel set delivers a unique design that augments the refined sophistication inherent in all BMW vehicles.

Dinan Wheel Set Highlights:

  • Lightweight Aluminum One Piece Cast Wheels
  • High-performance aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratio
  • OE TPMS and lug hardware compatible for ease of installation
  • Utilizes BMW alignment system for easy fitting and alignment
  • TUV, JWL, and DOT approved
  • Weight optimized by FEA analysis
  • DINAN center cap included

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