The AMS Performance Stainless Steel Clutch Line eliminates expansion giving you total control of your clutch. As the clutch pedal is depressed, the stock nylon hose expands making your clutch pedal feel less direct and at worst can make it difficult to shift. Add to the equation the age of the car and under hood heat and the effect can multiply. The AMS stainless braided hose will not expand with pressure or heat improving pedal feel and shifting.

The AMS Stainless Steel Clutch Line is the correct length, includes a factory line locator and the banjo fitting is correctly clocked for an easy install and perfect fit! Without the line locator the line can flop around and possibly rub through leaving you stranded. Stainless steel can corrode over time which can compromise it’s strength and finish. Our line comes with a protective covering that will help protect against the elements which means it will last and look better, longer.

If you have a performance clutch with a stiffer pressure plate, do any sort of autocross or racing events, the AMS line is a must! Even if you just have the stock clutch, this hose will improve your pedal feel!


  • Improves shifting
  • Improves pedal feel
  • High quality construction and protective covering for longevity and easy installation
  • Factory line locator so the line won’t flop around or rub through

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// AMS.01.03.0107-1 AMS Performance Stainless Steel Clutch Lines (AMS.01.03.0107-1)
Upper Clutch line
// AMS.01.03.0108-1 AMS Performance Stainless Steel Clutch Lines (AMS.01.03.0108-1)
Lower Clutch Line
// AMS.04.03.0001-1 AMS Performance Stainless Steel Clutch Lines (AMS.04.03.0001-1)
Clutch Line

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