The most advanced stock mount racing shock! Every internal component is of the same design as our 50 Series bearing mount shocks. Racers love the durability, repeatability and performance of this shock. QA1’s FC Series have more low-speed damping control than the competition. This means less bouncing, especially in heavier cars, resulting in on-track consistency.

QA1 stock mount shocks have been engineered specifically for circle track racing. They are racer revalveable and rebuildable, just like many of our steel bearing mount and aluminum shocks. Now there is no need to keep throwing damaged or worn-out shocks in the trash. Due to deviations from the factory ride height, it may be necessary to check to static ride height of your particular application.

  • Twin Tube Design
  • Stock Mount
  • 2” O.D. Steel Body
  • Precision Machined Piston with P.T.F.E. Piston Band
  • 15mm Centerless Ground, Hard Chrome Plated, Solid Piston Rod
  • Deflective Disk Valving
  • Racer Revalveable and Rebuildable
  • Linear Piston
  • 100% Dyno Tested and Serialized
  • Dyno Sheets Available
  • Custom Valving is Available

Perfect for IMCA Southern Sport Mods!

New QA1 Southern Sport Mod/Limited Modified Package (Part #CTSM01)
QA1 is very excited to be offering the new FC Series kit, put together for Southern Sport Mods and Limited Modifieds. Our most popular shocks for these drivers are put together in a 7 shock package. This means that with just one part number, you will receive 7 shocks that can be used for a variety of track conditions!

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