Replace the ugly yellow plastic OEM oil fill cap with the sexy billet oil fill cap from PERRIN.

Complete your Engine Bay
The PERRIN Aluminum oil cap is the perfect way to complete your engine bay. The simple design of our Oil Cap is the finishing touch to your engine bay leaving a clean and tasteful look.

Finish & Construction
Machined from 6061 Billet aluminum, the PERRIN oil cap has a textured finish and is hard anodized in a black or silver finish for corrosion protection. For added convenience, the cap features a finger-pocketed grip exterior for easy removal and installation.

2 Items

// PSP-ENG-711BK Perrin Oil Cap (PSP-ENG-711BK)
Oil Filler Cap
Color : Black
// PSP-ENG-711RD Perrin Oil Cap (PSP-ENG-711RD)
Oil Filler Cap
Color : Red

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