The new BLE Products EGR Eliminator allows Diesel Performance Enthusiasts to block unwanted exhaust gases on Their Ford PowerStroke (without removing the intake manifold), as well as, Dodge Diesel Trucks.

The BLE EGR Eliminator addresses the issues with the factory EGR valve & system when performance upgrades are introduced to the PowerStroke engine. The EGR Eliminator stops boost leaks through the factory EGR valve and helps avoid expensive head gasket replacement due to overheating failures, when coupled with an “up-pipe” upgrade. As with all the ‘Rock Solid’ BLE products, these new additions were conceived and engineered out of genuine, performance-inspired necessity.


  • More Low-End Power
  • Greater Exhaust Energy
  • Do Away With Sticking EGR Valves
  • No Boost Leaks, Crank It Up!!!
  • No Intake Soot
  • Compatible With All Aftermarket Tuners
  • Comes Complete With Performance Gasket, O-rings, & Hardware

Each BLE EGR Eliminator replaces the factory EGR valve, includes the necessary hardware for a straightforward installation, and works with all aftermarket tuners with an EGR provision, as well as, all “up-pipe” upgrades available on the market.

7 Items

// DG00201 BLE EGR Eliminator (DG00201)
EGR Eliminator
// FD00401 BLE EGR Eliminator (FD00401)
EGR Eliminator
// FD00401B BLE EGR Eliminator (FD00401B)
EGR Eliminator
// FD00402 BLE EGR Eliminator (FD00402)
EGR Eliminator
// FD00403 BLE EGR Eliminator (FD00403)
EGR Eliminator
// FD00501 BLE EGR Eliminator (FD00501)
EGR Eliminator
// FD00502 BLE EGR Eliminator (FD00502)
EGR Cooler Plate

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