The VF-Engineering big turbo kits took countless hours of R&D and testing. The induction pipework, especially the air intake design was critical to achieve optimal driveability under part throttle, full throttle, and deceleration. To take advantage of the work performed, VF engineers chose to create a “short-ram” cold air intake for the stock turbo setup as a separate product.

Designed to mount within 30 minutes, this bolt on air intake does not require any permanent modifications (trimming your engine cover as shown in the images is optional). This air intake is designed to improve throttle response, power, and torque when used in conjunction with aftermarket ECU software and/or exhaust system.

Engineered utilizing state of the art CAD CAM 3D modeling, CNC machining and computer controlled Superflow air flow testing. This system is constructed from a single piece (no weld joints) of mandrel bent 18g steel tube with integrated Mass AirFlow sensor (MAF) boss and solid cam cover mounting boss. VF uses K&N air filers for all its induction filter systems including supercharger and turbocharger systems. The intake kit includes an additional MAF heat shield and air filter heat shield with rubber lip to form a seal with the hood. As usual you can expect a clean simple fit from this classic VF-Engineering.

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// VFA2.0TCAIK VF Engineering Cold Air Intake (VFA2.0TCAIK)
Cold Air Intake
// VFA2.0TK04 VF Engineering Cold Air Intake (VFA2.0TK04)
Cold Air Intake
// VFA2.0TSICAIK VF Engineering Cold Air Intake (VFA2.0TSICAIK)
Cold Air Intake
// VFAR32CAIK VF Engineering Cold Air Intake (VFAR32CAIK)
Short Ram Cold Air Intake
// VFARKMK4CAI VF Engineering Cold Air Intake (VFARKMK4CAI)
Cold Air Intake

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