Introducing the world’s first Nissan GT-R dry carbon fiber Rear Diffuser Blades designed and produced exclusively by Password:JDM. Rear Diffuser Blades are meant to channel the turbulent air underneath the body thus increasing lateral stability at increased speeds. every professional race car in the world has them, because they work! now its also available for the GT-R. a totally bolt on piece that installs within minutes with the proper tools, the Rear Diffuser Blades are a subtle modification with an aggressive look and a lot of function. the perfect upgrade for the perfect car from Japan. lets face it, guys who go out and buy cars like these are not going to be driving the speed limit… PasswordJDM fully understands this, and have set their sites on making a foray of dry carbon fiber weight reduction and aero products for the GT-R.

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// PWCBD-R35-C00 Password JDM Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Blades (PWCBD-R35-C00)
Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Blades

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