Introducing the PWJDM Dry Carbon/Kevlar Bottom Diffuser package… For all the S2K souls looking to achieve nirvana on the road or the track, this is the product you’ve been waiting for. The PASSWORDJDM S2K Dry Carbon/Kevlar bottom diffuser package is just another example how far the fellas (engineers, designers, bosses, and master fabricators) here at PWJDM are willing to push the envelope.

Inspired by the cars in Formula 1 and Lemans, we had to design and build this product because every professional race car has one and that’s because it works! Every aerodynamicist will agree that a full underbody diffuser is a great modification if absolute down force is what you’re looking for. Engineered to cover the underside of your S2K from tip to tail in order to eliminate undercar turbulence/lift and increasing tail end downforce, the PWJDM Dry Carbon/Kevlar Bottom Diffuser package was designed to give you increased vehicle stability and affording you the opportunity to unleash your car’s full potential. This bottom diffuser package was designed to compliment all other aero mods that you might already have.

This diffuser package should be used in conjunction with a functional front splitter and/or aerodynamic bumper and functional rear aero wing for optimal down force. Buy it now, bolt it on tomorrow, and go carving tomorrow afternoon! ?

  • Increases down force = better grip and control
  • Less Undercar turbulence/lift = greater efficiency and stability
  • Optimal 3 element rear diffuser design
  • Compatible with most exhausts systems including stock OEM
  • 100% Dry Carbon/Kevlar vacuumed construction using Aerospace grade Carbon material and Epoxy Resins
  • Strategically placed cooling scoops and NACA duct for adequate cooling of components
  • No cutting or drilling of vehicle (trimming may be necessary to fit with a/m ladder bars and braces)
  • Installs in 2 hours or less depending on skill level
  • Removable sections for ease of maintenance (front section can be removed and re-installed in 5 mins)
  • Comes complete with all mounting hardware, braces, and brackets

3 Items

// PWCFD-AP1-00K Password JDM Carbon Kevlar Diffuser Package (PWCFD-AP1-00K)
Carbon Kevlar Front Diffuser
// PWCMD-AP1-00K Password JDM Carbon Kevlar Diffuser Package (PWCMD-AP1-00K)
Carbon Kevlar Middle Diffuser
// PWCRD-AP2-00K Password JDM Carbon Kevlar Diffuser Package (PWCRD-AP2-00K)
Carbon Kevlar Rear Diffuser

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