The Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles is based on the popular and proven SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner, this 4oz bottle is scaled for use in the motorcycle application. Simply pour one bottle into a street bike, dirt bike, ATV, or PWC for quick clean-up and let its concentrated detergents clean your carburetor(s) or fuel injectors, fuel lines, tank, and related components. This product goes beyond conventional detergents, providing a chemical package not found in pump gas, race fuel, or traditional additive products.

Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles is compatible with both pump gas and race fuel, also performing in pre-mixed or injected two-stroke applications. It contains intense, high-temp detergents for cleaning deposits on intake valve and combustion chambers to reduce octane demand and regain lost power and improve fuel economy, This product also lubricates the upper cylinder, helps prevent detonation, cleans emission control systems (safe for the latest catalytic converters and sensors), helps eliminate hesitation and stalling, and works to prevent fouled plugs.

The recommended dosage is 1 bottle per tank for quick cleanup. This concentrated product can also be used regularly in small doses as preventative maintenance.

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// 60102 Red Line Motorcycle - Complete Fuel System Cleaner (60102)
Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles
Size : 4oz Bottle

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