Hard driving and track use coupled with upgraded suspension will quickly deteriorate the OEM end links and rubber inserts.

To counteract all the additional loads placed on these links by other performance upgrades, hard driving and outdated designs, VF Engineering chose to design and manufacture replacement Sway Bar End Links that are a direct replacement for OE End Links and provide unparalleled performance.

The VF Engineering Sway Bar End Link is a complete replacement, made from billet (solid) aluminum fitted with molded, high durometer polyurethane inserts.


  • Direct replacement part
  • Sealed surface “cast look” finish
  • Constructed from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum
  • High durometer polyurethane bushes

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//d5otzd52uv6zz.cloudfront.net/i-88d359de-07d2-44ae-bcc8-a18f6b7c2c58-50.jpg VFA03-01 VF Engineering Sway Bar End Links (VFA03-01)
Sway Bar Endlinks
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