Evolution Motorsports Billet Short Shift Kit adds more precise shift action for tighter and crisper shifts. Shift effort is slightly increased with our shifter making the overall shift throw more connected.


  • Shortens Shift Throw by approximately 35%
  • Comes as a complete kit, easy Installation
  • Replaces the OEM plastic shift bushings with machined aluminum / delrin
  • Comes with adjustable shifter bushings to increase / decrease shifter resistance
  • Installs in approx 1.5 hours
  • CNC Machined to Exacting Tolerances
  • Retains the use of the OEM shift knob
  • Significantly Reduces Shifter Free Play
  • Allows for faster and more precise shifts

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//d5otzd52uv6zz.cloudfront.net/group-389e88ae-8296-4cff-86cc-c446a6714352-50.jpg SSKEVB35 Evolution Motorsports Billet Short Shift Kit (SSKEVB35)

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