Function and Form Autolife

At Function and Form Autolife, we approach our products with a unique mindset. We look at the functionality of each product in its intended and common use. Not always in a traditional approach, but more importantly in how our consumers use and need these products in todays times.

With our Lug-nuts we not only considered durability from fading in using powder coating finishes, we also added bright and bold colors to match your unique character in your vehicle. We saw a need for customers to make their cars ride lower or retain shock travel at their desired height, which lead us to create extended top mounts. Some of our customers were hitting the track, so we made high quality performance springs for our coil-overs. These allowed our customers to fine tune their set up more, and true to our character we made sure they came in unique colors.

These are just a few examples of our unique approach to our products. All of our products are inspected and warrantied in our Southern California headquarters. Engineering and assembly of our products are approached with safety, ease of use, practical use, and customer satisfaction in mind. We are always looking to improve our products and release new solutions, as the your needs and interests evolve.

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