C&R Racing

C&R Racing has designed and built some of the finest racing components for the top professional teams in motorsports. For the past 25 years, every NASCAR Cup Champion, Indy 500 winner, and Daytona 500 winner have had something on their car from C&R, as have many other race winning cars. Our highly skilled personnel have experienced winning and losing races; knowing what makes both happen sets us apart from our competitors.

Together with PWR, there isn’t any company on our level in terms of engineering, cutting edge design, and expertise when it comes to cooling the fastest race cars in the world. Whether it’s F1, World Rally, Indy Car, NASCAR, Off Road, or sports car racing we are the go-to company of the champions.

C&R puts the same level of engineering and manufacturing into its Aftermarket Product as it does its racing and custom products. No other cooling manufacture can offer this level of service and relability. You can buy less expensive but you can’t buy anything equal to or better.

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