EXEDY Technics

A driving force behind the world’s largest independent OEM manufacturer of combined wet and dry clutch products.

EXEDY is a powertrain specialist and tier one supplier to top automotive manufacturers worldwide.

OEM product range: Wet friction plates and mating steels; standard-shift clutch systems; torque converters and friction discs; complete transmission systems for highway, off-highway and industrial applications.

Japan: EXEDY is a valued engineering partner to all 11 OE automotive vehicle manufacturers. We’re responsible for the conception and development of many key powertrain systems and products.

North America: EXEDY engineers, manufactures and supplies Ford-GM-Chrysler with powertrain needs such as torque converters, wet friction clutches and standard clutch systems.

Worldwide: Over 60 years EXEDY has evolved through developing and patenting the core technologies such as wet and dry friction, vibration dampening and fluid flow.

EXEDY products have been officially recognized by vehicle manufacturers all over the world. Long established as a premium brand in Japan, EXEDY products are valued so highly that our products are renowned by car manufacturers worldwide.

EXEDY continues to hold a large share of the OEM market, both domestic and international.

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