Driveshaft Shop

The Driveshaft Shop has been in business for over 30years, it first started as Suffolk Welding & repair (Suffolk Drive Shaft) in the mid 60’s. The original company did truck bodies, welding and later Drive Shaft repairs. they changed to doing mostly drive shafts thru the 70’s and then in the late 80’s shed some troublesome investors and opened as The Driveshaft Shop. During the late 80’s and into the 90’s the company became a larger local rebuilder, doing Drive Shafts, Front Wheel Drive Axles and Rack & pinion Units. The Current owner always had a passion for cars and unique solutions to all types of automotive design. Always making custom race car shafts and 4×4 custom parts he was intrigued in 1998 by the popularity of the new hot rods on the street, Front Wheel Drive Cars (powerful ones). In March of 2004 he sold off the re-built departments to follow a dream of making the best Performance oriented parts in the industry.Then in October of 2005 They moved the Operation to Charlotte NC giving them more room to grow. So keep an eye out for they now have the time and expertise to make some pretty wild products that have been brewing for some time.

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