In 1968, founder Seiichi Suzuki established “Tomei automobile ”, a factory of tuning racing cars. Since then, Tomei has been building a successful career in tuning industry in the name of “Tomei” by making outstanding records in various classes of motor sports, by feeding back the technology and reliability developed through the experience, and by achieving high estimation and strong support from both motor sports enthusiasts and the people who tune up their vehicles.

Today, people tend to look for “rich moment, space, and mind” or “higher quality of lifestyle”, the trend that urges Tomei to create a new market. So are the public motor sports scene and individual auto-lifestyle, creative products of new value is required in the market as well as the stages where those products can be applied.

Tomei will keep providing reliable services to the world by feeding back all the knowledges and technologies gained through various kinds of motor sports, and keep supporting customers beyond the developing future with the good consideration of the safety standard issues or environmental issues. We appreciate for your warm back up to the Tomei Powered, who is never give up on challenging toward the future.

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