VF Engineering

The VF-Engineering management and engineering team derive their experience of high performance supercharging since 1996 in the UK. Working on modern sports cars such as Audi, BMW, Lotus, Porsche and VW in joint and proprietary projects and partnerships with firms in the UK, Switzerland and USA has given VF the opportunity to market product in European, USA and world markets. VF obtains the latest information and has access to new model vehicles as they roll off the production lines in Germany through OEM connections, clients and manufacturers’ organizations.

VF-Engineering works in alliance with industry leaders for the key elements which make up its supercharger systems. Fuel management and supercharger technology are the two major components which VF combines and create a fully tuned supercharger kit to integrate on your engine.

Additional support items are also available to round out the performance of your vehicle, so when you need performance that counts – think VF-Engineering.

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