To this day, NEUSPEED still leads the import tuning craze they pioneered in America decades ago. But like most of today’s import veterans, Bill Neumann’s passion for cars began in Detroit’s heyday. First came a Model “A” restoration in 1947 when Bill was only 15. Then came a modified ‘39 Ford convertible, followed by his famous ‘31 Roadster, complete with handmade headers and body panels, and a new detailing innovation now known as billet accessories.

Today, the company occupies a 28,000 square foot office/warehouse/R&D facility in Camarillo, California, 1 hour north of the original Burbank building. With over 20 employees on the payroll, NEUSPEED is the largest supplier of high performance water-cooled Volkswagen parts in the United States, and a leading supplier of Acura and Honda performance parts.

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