Samco Sport

At Samco Sport there is a wealth of experience and expertise in Performance Automotive Silicone Hoses. Samco Sport specializes in providing premium quality hoses for most major automotive applications including coolant and turbo/CAC systems.

The quality of Samco Sport hoses has been proven by continued success in supplying many top racing and rallying motorsport teams including:

  • Prodrive
  • Skoda
  • Ferrari
  • Maclaren
  • Williams

Samco Sport supplies quality hoses for all types of motorsport, from superbikes to trucks to F1 race cars.

Samco Sport has been supplying many of these teams for over 8 years – confirmation of the reliability and quality of both product and service.

At Samco Sport, the importance of reliable, well engineered race parts is understood. To ensure absolute quality, Samco Sport uses only premium quality silicone rubber and all hoses are hand finished and inspected by in-house race equipment engineers.

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