For the past eight years RPMWare has been focused on a single goal: helping you sell more parts. In that time you have certainly delivered — RPMWare clients have sold hundreds-of-millions worth of parts to thousands of customers all over the world.

I’m excited to announce the release of Responsive RPMWare, a mobile friendly storefront that will help you sell even more parts. Responsive RPMWare leaves your site looking exactly the same on the desktop then transforms it into a mobile friendly site for customers on phones and tablets.

Responsive RPMWare adapts to display a layout optimized specifically for your customer’s screen size. As an example, on phones, where space is limited, we’ve hidden some less-important page elements to focus on the product.

The bottom line is we’ve made it as easy as possible for your customers to place orders regardless of where they are or what they’re using to view your site.

We think you, and your customers, are going to love this new feature.

For most of you there is no work required to enable Responsive RPMWare. We rolled out the code changes on April 13th 2015 and have been monitoring all the sites to ensure the transition was as smooth as possible.

For Highly Customized Sites

We’ve transitioned the core storefront layouts and elements to a responsive design. You will have to check your own custom code to ensure it is also mobile friendly. In most cases it will be; however, if you are using absolute widths (e.g. width: 500px) or other non-mobile friendly designs those will need to be converted to ensure the best user experience.

If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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