Our DNS provider, DNSimple, is experiencing a massive DDoS attack and DNS requests to their servers are timing out.

To restore service to our clients we have moved our DNS to another provider (Amazon Route 53). At this time all critical services have been restored. Your sites and checkout should be 100% operational. If you have any questions please contact us.


DNS is responsible for translating names (rpmware.com) into IP addresses that servers understand. Because DNS is a distributed system the results of a DNS query are cached on thousands of different servers around the globe (including your Mac or PC). Most of the time this is great — browsing the web is quicker.

In this case it worked against us because those cached values were being used instead of our new DNS records. Within 15 minutes most of the DNS servers are using the correct values, but there are always a few that have issues.

As of this morning (12/2 at 9:00AM EST) all those caches should have the new values and we are showing 100% uptime around the globe. If you are still having issues with a particular site please force-refresh your browser. For specific instructions on how to do this please see Refresh Your Cache.

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