MBRP Press Release – MBRP Inc Announces: 2009-14 Ford F150 -3″ Cat Back, Pre Axle, Dual Outlet Exhaust

April 21st, 2017 by databot

MBRP‘s XP Series 2009-2014 Ford F-150 3″ Cat Back, PreAxle Dual Outlet, T409 exhaust is the performance exhaust of choice for the enthusiast who needs a system that can take anything that the road throws at it. This system’s rugged sixteen gauge T409 construction can be counted on to withstand everything from salt to rocks, tar to grime. We have had such success with this line that we back it with a Lifetime Warranty.

Please Note: This series may, with time, develop surface rust which is not covered by the warranty. Wintery road conditions and road treatments may accelerate this process.

Built to Perform
MBRP’s performance exhaust systems are built to perform. Designed to maximize exhaust flow and minimize exhaust temperatures your truck will use less gas, last longer and perform better. Every system we sell has been built to the most exacting standards in the industry.

Dyno Proven
Your MBRP performance gas exhaust system has undergone countless hours on our in-house Mustang 1100 AWD-SE Chassis Dynomometer, hundreds of miles on road and track and numerous tweaks and modifications to get the most out of your truck. From the vehicle specific muffler design to the fully mandrel bent tubing to minimal bend degree angles, your MBRP performance system gets exhaust out fast. An MBRP performance exhaust system is the starting point to getting the most from cold air intakes, programmers, modules and downloaders.

Easy Installation
MBRP systems are as much fun to install as to drive with on your truck. Bolt-on, no weld design makes installation a no hassle one and a half to two hour project. Everything is direct fit to the OEM hangers and you get all the clamps and parts you will need.

We’re With You
Here at MBRP we take “customer service” very personally. Need help finding the right system…finding a dealer…working through your install…we are here to help. Give us a call toll free at 888-636-7223.

Sound & Style
Performance is one thing but at MBRP we believe that appearance and sound are just as important. Every MBRP performance exhaust system has been specifically tuned to get the optimal sound from your pickup. With our stamped logo on the tip and our unmistakable styling, there’s no question that you have the hottest performance exhaust on the road – MBRP.

For more information on this cat back exhaust, check out MBRP.

TOMEI Press Release – Getrag MK IV Supra LSD, Our Largest Ever, Is Back!

April 21st, 2017 by databot

Getrag MK IV Supra LSD, our largest ever, is back! Now available in both 2-Way and 1.5-Way!

Type-TC Features

  • Improved & updated design
  • Our largest ever LSD!
  • Designed specifically for the GETRAGE JSA80 SUPRA
  • Made to withstand tuned, highpower/torque 2JZs
  • Ideal for street, drift, and race

Highest Initial Torque Spring Discs In The Industry
Specially designed, ultra compact spring discs increase clutch capacity whilst maintaining high initial torque. These discs also employ a variable spring rate construction to minimize warping and maximize longevity even under hard driving or after extending use.

For more information on this LSD, check out TOMEI.

PERRIN Press Release – NEW! Charge Pipe for 2015-2017 WRX!

April 20th, 2017 by databot

Replace the restrictive OEM plastic charge pipe and increase airflow and intercooler efficiency with the PERRIN Charge Pipe for 2015-17 WRX!

Better Airflow over Stock
The OEM charge pipe on the FA20 DIT engine is restrictive, narrows down in certain points, and has pleats that make for uneven airflow. The PERRIN Charge Pipe has a perfectly smooth interior, constant radii, and gradual bends, making for much more efficient air delivery. All of this combined creates for increased intercooler efficiency.

Connectors and Compatbility
The PERRIN Charge Pipe comes with all the necessary connectors to install onto a stock system for greater compatibility. The CNC machined PERRIN turbo flange adapter uses the same design as the OEM flange on the turbo side of the charge pipe and uses the OEM o-ring for perfect fitment and no leaks, unlike off-the-shelf o-rings. The silicone connectors are reinforced multi-layered for durability and weather resistance.

PERRIN Charge Pipes are constructed from aluminum tubing, which is precision CNC mandrel bent, for consistent and perfect fitting parts.

Every PERRIN Charge Pipe is texture powder coated for further protection from the elements and add style under your hood. Powder coating is available in either red or black and is accented with a wrinkled texture finish.

For more information on this charge pipe, check out PERRIN.

BD Diesel Press Release – NEW!!! BD Diesel’s RumbleB SX-E Turbo Kits!!!!

April 20th, 2017 by databot

Reliability and power! Yes, they go together. A complete performance replacement of the stock Holset turbo that reduces EGT’s and high turbo drive pressures.

Save your head gasket and enjoy longer engine life, with these quick spooling turbos designed for up 700HP. Street and track performance from the most complete bolt-on kit on the market!

  • Out performs modified Holset turbos and other “add a turbo” kits.
  • Exclusive BD T4 wastegate ready exhaust manifold with pulse technology
  • Supports dyno proven 650 engine HP with stock 6.7L injectors. *Requires race tune
  • Custom cold air intake supplies cool air, adds up to 30 more HP. Exclusive BD Velocity Stack 8″ OD Air Filter outperforms the competition
  • Efficient and exclusive large single piece 90° outlet turbocharger gives higher CFM with lower losses compared to equivalent multi piece compressor covers
  • Kit includes custom formed silicone coolant hose, and all supported hardware guaranteed to give you the O.E. look and finish and seamless install!

For more information on these turbo kits, check out BD Diesel.

AWE Tuning Press Release – AWE Tuning Relases Porsche 991.2 Carrera SwitchPath Exhaust!

April 19th, 2017 by databot

Spool up with SwitchPath. Presenting the AWE Tuning 991.2 PSE SwitchPath Exhaust:

  • Max gains of 11 hp and 7 ft-lbs of torque at the crank (Carrera S)
  • Max gains of 14 hp and 17 ft-lbs of torque at the crank (Carrera base)
  • Featuring an X-pipe and true balance pipe
  • Retains factory PSE operation
  • Exhaust flow is continuously routed through integrated X-pipe, delivering a constant exotic tone regardless of valve position
  • Factory-matched valved and non-valved inlets
  • No muffler packing means the tone will not change over time
  • Fits S and base 991.2 Carrera 3.0Ls equipped with PSE
  • Less is more: clean, straight-through design maximizing flow and performance
  • 102mm double-walled tips available in chrome silver or diamond black
  • Engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning
  • Handcrafted from U.S.-sourced CNC mandrel-bent 0.065” wall T304L stainless steel
  • Precision TIG-welded
  • Direct bolt-on for factory-like simplicity
  • Perfect fitment – guaranteed
  • AWE Tuning No Check Engine Light Guarantee
  • Featuring the AWE Tuning Lifetime Warranty

Confirmed to fit Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa models.

For more information on this exhaust, check out AWE Tuning.

CORSA Performance Press Release – New 2016+CTS-V Sedan 6.2L Axle-Back

April 18th, 2017 by databot

TMG Performance Products is pleased to announce the availability of our CORSA Axle-Back for the 2016+ Cadillac CTS-V with dual rear exit, twin 4.0″ polished or black tips.

Technology: CORSA’s Patented RSC Technology is designed for an AGGRESSIVE SOUND under acceleration and a DRONE-FREE EXPERIENCE during cruise. Every system is engineered specifically to each vehicle without drone while cruising.

For more information on this axle back exhaust system, check out CORSA Performance.

Hypertech Press Release – New Application Release Notice: 2015-2017 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost Max Energy 2.0

April 18th, 2017 by databot

Hypertech has now added support to the Max Energy 2.0 programmer for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost. Updates are available for existing inventory via the Hypertech Tuner Update Software!

Our Hypertech engineers developed features that truly redefine the capability of the Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer. These features allow you to customize your tuning to fit the exact benefits you’re looking for.  You can focus the Hypertech tuning towards ECONOMY or towards an all out TRACK tune, and anywhere in between. Rather than offering a single “one unit fits all” solution, the Max Energy 2.0 can dial in the tuning for anything you can think of. Plus, once you have your settings selected you can save them as a Custom Tune for quick access later. Swapping between an “Economy” setup during the week to a “Track” tune for some fun on the weekend couldn’t be easier!

Each Hypertech tune has been tested with popular bolt-on aftermarket parts, and is already set up to take advantage of any performance improvements. The attached Power Graph shows the additional gains measured with the Hypertech tuning on a car equipped with an aftermarket air intake, cat-back exhaust system, performance intercooler, and downpipe with a high flow catalytic converter.

For more information on the Max Energy 2.0, check out Hypertech.

K&N Press Release – Tapered Conical Universal Air Filter Is Designed to Fit Five Inch Intake Tubes

April 17th, 2017 by databot

In various forms of motorsports there are strict limits on displacement. Some sanctioning bodies allow you to run any size engine while others tie displacement to a sliding weight scale. On the street, its anything goes as larger and larger engine blocks are becoming available to builders. This has created a need for a larger intake to provide sufficient air to mix with fuel and generate the desired internal combustion.

To help meet that need, K&N has introduced the RU-5163XD universal clamp-on air filter. It’s jumbo sized to meet the needs of monster motors. The tapered conical filter itself is 4.125 inches to fit into tight spaces, but measures 6.5 inches at the base, with a 5.0 inch inside diameter. That’s right, the RU-5163XD will match right up with a five inch intake pipe. And as the filter flange is constructed from ultra-strong molded pliable rubber, it allows for secure attachment and can also be stretched for up to 1/16″ (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes.

All K&N universal air filters are manufactured from multiple layers of oiled cotton, a well-regarded filter media due to the irregular surface of the cotton thread and its ability to grab passing dust and dirt. The RU-5163XD not only allows for increased air flow but also provides excellent filtration properties to ensure long engine life. This is verified by K&N’s sophisticated in-house ISO 5011 filtration efficiency testing laboratory, which adheres to International Standard Organization protocols, ensuring that K&N air filters provide high airflow without sacrificing engine protection.

The only maintenance required for a K&N universal filter is a quick and easy service. When needed (which can vary depending on your driving conditions) just grab a K&N air filter cleaning kit to refresh and re-oil your air filter — bringing it back to brand-new condition and ready for more miles of driving or racing. And the filter comes from K&N with a one year limited warranty.

For more information on this universal air filter, check out K&N.

DeatschWerks Press Release – New Subaru Specific In-Module Filter

April 17th, 2017 by databot

This is the first product from an exciting new line we have just developed, In-module Fuel Filters.

It is not uncommon for later model vehicles to have the post pump filter incorporated into the fuel pump sending unit located in the fuel tank, as opposed to the traditional in-line filter located in the engine bay. This DeatschWerks Subaru specific filter is the first of a new line to replace the OE in-module filter, commonly made of cardboard, with a high performance, stainless steel, E85 compatible filter.

100% direct replacement for the 04-07 WRX, STi, Outback Sport, and 04-08 Forester. This filter will replace the OE cardboard unit, which is not ethanol friendly, and is normally only serviceable by replacing the entire sending unit at a cost of several hundred dollars. Installation only takes a few extra minutes when upgrading to a DW fuel pump at the same time like the DW200 or DW300 Subaru fuel pumps, PN’s 9-201-0791 and 9-301-0791.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh, 40 Micron
  • E85 Compatible
  • 100% direct replacement
  • $89 MSRP

For more information on this fuel filter, check out DeatschWerks.

K-Tuned Press Release – New Quick Release Hood Hinges Now Available!

April 14th, 2017 by databot

K-Tuned Quick Release Hood Hinges have been in development for years. Early 2016 final designs were finished and patent application completed. Too many times have we seen two people at the track removing a hood with a socket trying not to damage anything. Our Quick Release Hood Hinges are designed to be removed by one person quickly without tools. Once the hood is lifted past 75 degrees you can lift it right off. Below that the hood is held securely. There is a locking pin on all hinges. This is used to install the hinges. Once they are installed you can remove the pin.

Made of 6061 aluminum and hard anodized to ensure long life.

Install one hinge at a time. This will make it more manageable without trying to line up the hood. Get alignment and everything perfect making sure the hinge doesn’t contact anything. Once you finish the one side go to the other side. Once both installed and everything moves smoothly you can remove the lock pin.

For more information on these QD hood hinges, check out K-Tuned.

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