SPL Pro Suspension Press Release – BMW F8X Rear Endlinks, E9X/E8X Rear Endlinks, E9X/E8X Front Lower Control Arms

February 24th, 2017 by databot

SPL Parts is pleased to announce the release of BMW F8X Rear Endlinks, E9X/E8X Rear Endlinks, E9X/E8X Front Lower Control Arms – Street Version and Front Tension Rods E9X/E8X/F8X.

SPL Parts continues to bring you and your customers the suspension parts needed to correct, improve and evolve your suspension where the factory left off.  A must for lowered street cars and track cars to control camber, caster, toe, track width and wheel base. You can correct roll center, bumpsteer, anti dive/squat, suspension responsiveness and road feel.

These BMW parts are made to SPL Parts exacting standards using the materials and engineering you expect from us.  Light weight, strength, durability and completely adjustable.

For more information on these new items, check out SPL Pro Suspension.

Corsa Performance Press Release – Cat-Back Exhaust for 2015+ Dodge Challenger R/T 5.7 V8

February 24th, 2017 by databot

CORSA Performance is pleased to announce that the Dodge Challenger “Cat-Back” exhaust is now available in Sport or Xtreme sound levels.

Corsa exhausts from LMPerformance feature straight through designs, different sound levels, and most systems come with different tip options such as the black stealth tips and Polished double wall tips.

For more information on this product, check out CORSA Performance.

Edelbrock Press Release – New Race Cylinder Heads for Big Block Chevy

February 23rd, 2017 by databot

Victor DR17 CNC – 425cc Cylinder Heads For B/B Chevy

The DR17 is the next evolution in Edelbrock conventional style big-block Chevy cylinder heads geared for the sportsman racer. They are designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance through the whole race season. Match with Edelbrock Super Victor II manifolds #2896 as-cast and #28962 CNC port matched.

Big Victor Spread-Port CNC- 492cc Cylinder Heads For B/B Chevy

Intended for high output, large cubic inch racing engines with 4.84″ bore spacing, this head is an improvement over existing 18° designs, such as the Big Chief & Big Duke. The casting is made from A-356 aluminum and is Hot Isostatic Pressing processed (HIP) for superior strength, durability, dimensional stability and exceptional finish quality. Requires Moroso sheet metal valve covers. Match with Edelbrock Big Victor II as-cast manifold #28001, #28002, also CNC Series manifold#28009.

Big Victor 3 – CNC Cylinder Heads For B/B Chevy

This head features a symmetrical port design for the Sportsman racer. It is similar to the Pro Stock DRCE3 cylinder heads and is CNC port matched for popular Edelbrock, Brodix, CFE, Dart and Sonny Racing Engine blocks.  Match with Edelbrock 2-piece intake manifold #28540. Requires Moroso sheet metal valve covers.

Go to the Edelbrock website for complete application and class listings.

Seibon Carbon Press Release – New Carbon Fiber Hoods For 2016-Up Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan/Hatchback

February 23rd, 2017 by databot

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods for the Honda Civic doesn’t mess around when it comes to performance. These new hoods combine performance and intelligent design by offering a functional, center heat release vent.

Its production process results in exceptional carbon to resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that leads to extra strength.

For a stunning finish, these hoods are coated with a glossy clear coat.

Every component is constructed with a consistent weave pattern. Our production processes allow exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to extra strength. For a stunning finish, our products are coated with a glossy clear coat that does not chip or flake. We meticulously inspect all of our components and stand firmly behind our products so that you can enjoy peace of mind with every genuine Seibon Carbon product.

For more information on these carbon fiber hoods, check out Seibon Carbon.

Magnaflow Press Release – 2015+ Ford F-150 Cat-Back Exhaust

February 22nd, 2017 by databot

New from Magnaflow is the Cat-Back Exhaust for 2015+ Ford F-150 V6!

MagnaFlow MF Series Performance Exhaust systems deliver the smooth deep sound you want and the wide-open performance power you need. Our exhaust systems feature straight-through flow designs for the ultimate in unrestricted horsepower and torque for big power while maintaining exhaust efficiency. These systems are an engineered balance of interior and exterior noise levels and are tested against SAE j1169 standards.

For more information on this product, please visit Magnaflow.

Vibrant Press Release – New Vertical Flow Intercooler Cores!

February 22nd, 2017 by databot

Offering 11 new Vertical Flow Intercooler Cores from Vibrant.

Our new line of Vertical Flow Intercooler cores offer the same bar and plate construction as our existing line of horizontal lineup, with louvered fin design on ambient air path and offset fins on charge air path for maximum performance.

See the complete list of these new Intercooler Cores from Vibrant website.

APR Tuned Press Release – The APR B8/B8.5 Front Mount Intercooler System (FMIC).

February 21st, 2017 by databot

The APR Intercooler System is a massive front mounted upgrade that dramatically reduces intake air temperature (IAT), minimizes heat soak, and provides increased performance! The system is an easy to install, direct bolt-on design, that is recommended at every stage of performance.

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, many intercooler designs appear the same. However, effectiveness of the system and overall performance are greatly determined by several key metrics. Alloy selection, end tank design, construction type, fin style, fin density and overall core dimensions must be analyzed and balanced accordingly to deliver class-leading performance. While the OEM’s goal is to create a lightweight, easy to manufacture and inexpensive to produce, cross-platform design capable of supporting factory power levels, APR’s intercooler must be capable of supporting more than double the factory output. Achieving this goal took a multi-step approach focused around intercooler core selection, end tank design and install location.

Internally APR conducted a multitude of tests both on the street and on the dyno with thermocouples and pressure transducers placed at the inlet and outlet of the intercooler during the design phase. Data from these tests were used to chose the intercooler core available today. With the intercooler in it’s final production form, tests were conducted against the factory to measure the effectiveness of each system.

For more information on these new intercooler kits, visit APR Tuned.

BD Diesel Press Release – 2Low UnLoc Differential Kits For Chevy 1500, 2500 & 3500!

February 21st, 2017 by databot

Vehicle maneuverability is reduced in 4WD. When the 2Low Unloc is turned on, you disable the front wheel drive mechanism while torque is available to the rear wheels. The front wheels will NOT be driven, delivering normal 2WD maneuverability while in low range!

Ask about our 2Low Unloc Kits and take control of your turns!

For more information about these new items, please visit BD Diesel.

Killer B Motorsport Press Release – Air/Oil Separator for Your Subaru WRX!

February 20th, 2017 by databot

Killer B Motorsport is no stranger to Oiling Performance Products for your Subaru. The Killer B Motorsport’s Air/Oil Separator functions with a vacuum source only, the turbo inlet. This provides the vacuum source for the crankcase. It is in no way effected by the turbo size, in fact a larger turbo that draws more air will improved separator function, compensating for increased venting requirements seen at improved performance levels. While small OEM turbochargers produce crankcase vacuum under boost, larger turbochargers produce even more. Drain back design assures that any oil accumulation ends up where it needs to be, in the oil pan, providing a consistent oil supply to the engine. Six stainless steel bolts on the top, make it quick and easy for inspection and cleaning. It is not heated and we see no reason to add unnecessary cooling/heating (weight, complexity, increased install time, and increase probability of something leaking) and this simple engineered form functions just fine without it. The Killer B Motorsport’s Air/Oil Separator should meet and exceeds your expectations of how an Air/Oil Separator should work and function on a Subaru engine. Not only that, it will display some of the best eye candy fabrication available. The Killer B Motorsport’s Air/Oil Separator is a product that you the enthusiasts, have been waiting years for.

Accelerated flow of blow-by gasses forces suspended oil droplets out of suspension. Centrifugal filtration is a proven process for separation of many particle types and sizes. The application in automotive applications has mostly been in use with high dollar sports cars and race cars.

For more information on this product, check out Killer B Motorsport.

AEM Press Release – An AEM DryFlow Filter Will Help Your Audi 1.8L & 2.0L Breathe Better Than Ever

February 20th, 2017 by databot

A decade ago, 4-cylinder engines were relegated to small economy cars, and V6 engines could barely crack 200-hp. But thanks to new engine technology like direct injection, low-friction construction methods, and turbocharging, tiny turbo-4s could now make big power. Like Audi’s range of 1.8L and 2.0L turbo four liter motors. These little powerhouses are potent enough to motivate the 2007-2016 Audi A4, the 2013-2016 Audi Allroad, and 2008-2017 Audi Q5. Years ago, these cars used much bigger engines to make the same power that they do now. Now, you can help your turbo four-cylinder, by simply using the warranty-approved AEM 28-20945 DryFlow air filter.aem-28-20945The turbocharged Audi 1.8L and Audi 2.0L engines make their power by cramming lots of air into the cylinders, that way the fuel mist from the direct injection system has plenty of catalyst for a hot explosion. This heat is where horsepower comes from, because the force from the superheated explosion pushes each piston down to turn the crankshaft, and ultimately the wheels. It’s the turbo’s job to create the air charge, but that air still has to be drawn in through the stock intake system, where it has to contend with the OE Audi air filter. This “gate keeper” to the engine is made from a thick paper and as the miles rack up, a layer of dirt builds in the folds. Naturally, this reduces the amount of air reaching the turbo compressor, and thus your horsepower will be significantly reduced as well.

aem-10-603_angleThe AEM 28-20945 DryFlow air filter on the other hand, is made from a special 3-dimensional synthetic material that is able to capture up to 99% of all airborne contaminants, then store them inside the filter until it is time for it to be cleaned. This depth loading design allows more air to reach the engine, which helps it to make more horsepower and torque without voiding the warranty. The reusable design also means that you won’t have to buy any more of those expensive OE Audi air filters, and your investment is even protected by the AEM Lifetime Limited Warranty.

For more information on this product, please visit AEM Induction.

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