We’re a small company doing big things for other businesses in our industry. Conceived years ago and officially launched in 2006, RPMWare was built from the ground up specifically for performance shops and retailers.

We’re not a subsidiary of some huge software company; we’re not a bunch of nerds looking to exploit a market. We’re enthusiasts who built a solution to our own problem.

When I was building my first online shop I spent most of my time wrangling spreadsheets and searching for images to keep the site up to date. Then, as soon as I finished, some manufacturer updated prices and everything on my site was selling under cost. Kyle West, founder

We’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like.

Now we’re offering our solution to solve some of your problems. We can’t help you shave off that last tenth, or pump out that last WHP, but we can give you some more time to try.

Our biggest issue was keeping up to date on all the latest releases from manufacturers. Often a customer would tell me about a product before I knew it existed. Matt Gold, president

We’re committed to the industry and we’re committed to helping you succeed. You don’t want to manage spreadsheets; you want to build fast cars… And we want a ride.