GoPro HD Hero2

GoPro has kicked open the door to video amateur video production and hasn’t stopped innovating since their original GoPro camera.

The GoPro HD HERO2 is their latest offering and the ‘Motorsports Edition’ would be the perfect surprise under any gear head’s tree.

So what’s so special about this camera? How about this; the HD Hero2 is a whopping 11 mega-pixels, it’s self contained in a waterproof case, captures a 170 degree wide angle and records at 1080p. All that adds up to 10 photos per second of footage. So where does the ‘Motorsports’ come in? How about a roll bar mount to capture in-car footage? Or the suction cup to mount virtually anywhere outside the car for action shots?

Whatever being recorded, make sure it looks its best and give the gift of a GoPro HD HERO2.

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