We Improved Google Shopping Data Feeds

November 7th, 2012 by Kyle West

After making major improvements to how we calculate shipping, we set our sights on helping you market your shipping promotions. We’re now including shipping rates in your Google Shopping Data Feeds.

These rates will help you stand out from your competitors and generate more traffic to your site. For more information please check out our Google Shopping support article. If you’re not already using the Marketing Toolkit Data Feeds, now is a great time to get started.

Major Improvements to Shipping: Adjustments, USPS, and Live Rate Optimizations

November 1st, 2012 by Kyle West

Shipping with RPMWare just got awesome

We just released a major shipping overhaul that we’ve working on for over a month. We’ve improved every aspect of how RPMWare calculates shipping for your customers.

Shipping Adjustments

Shipping adjustments received a major makeover based on your feedback. You can now easily offer things like Free Shipping on a particular brand, or $150 Fixed Rate Shipping on large items like hoods and turbo kits. Please review our shipping adjustments guide for all the details.

Before today’s release shipping adjustments would apply to every shipping method you had available. That made it impossible to offer things like “Free Shipping on AEM” without also displaying $0.00 UPS Next Day Air to your customers.


By popular demand we’ve integrated support for these United States Postal Service shipping services:

  • Express Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Parcel Post

To enable these new rates: login to your RPMWare account and navigate to Configuration, then Shipping Methods. For more details, check out our full guide to shipping methods.

Live Rates

We optimized every step of interacting with the UPS, FedEx, and USPS APIs. The details are pretty geeky, but the end result is faster, more accurate rate quotes with fewer errors.


What do you think? Let us know via a support ticket or on Facebook.

RPMWare v2.3.0 – We Cleaned Up and Released Free Data Feeds

July 5th, 2011 by Kyle West

I just wrapped up my quarterly all-nighter and am excited to show off RPMWare’s new facelift. I think you’ll be equally excited about the Free Marketing Toolkit Data Feeds to Google, Bing, and Street Performance.

If things look weird: you have the old css and javascript cached in your browser. Please clear your browsers cache. All the browsers are different but most will react well to CTRL-F5, CTRL-R, or CMD-R.

RPMWare v2.3.0

Free Data Feeds

The RPMWare Data Feed (login required) has been a huge success for many of our customers since we launched it earlier this year. I get emails every day about how well it is working.

We never charged to process and deliver the items you manage on your own, but we did forget to create a $0.00 plan so you could do so without paying us. Whoops. We fixed that. Go activate your data feed and get indexed on (at least) Google Product Search – it’s free.

Note: the feeds upload nightly at 3:00AM EST


We moved a lot of stuff around to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Here’s a roadmap if you get lost.

  • Multiple websites in one account are gone. Nobody ever used it and the few that did were contacted before v2.3.0 went live.
  • Website Configuration (name, google analytics, domains, etc.) is under the Configuration tab.
  • DNS is under the Configuration tab.
  • Maintenance (to rebuild your catalog) is under the Configuration tab.
  • Featured Products are under the Product Catalog tab.
  • Sitemap is under the Marketing Toolkit tab.
  • Design, Content, and FileManager have been combined under the Website tab.


Yep. It’s orange now. I have no idea why it was blue before. We’ve also laid the groundwork for customization down the line (use your own company colors and logo). If there is enough demand I’ll get it in.


We’re using fewer images and more CSS3. If you’re not a geek like me that just means fewer images to load and a quicker website.

Love It? Hate It?

I’d love your feedback. Fire off in the comments below, on our support portal, on Facebook, or twitter.

Thanks guys!

Our Marketing Toolkit = ROI For You!

February 10th, 2011 by Tom Masiero

I’m thrilled to announce something many of you have been requesting for quite a while: the RPMWare Marketing Toolkit.

What Is It?

RPMWare is in business to help you succeed. The Marketing Toolkit is a collection of tools we’ve put together to help you compete online. You’ve had sitemaps, enhanced sitemaps, SEO friendly URLs, and SEO extensions for quite some time now. Today, you have access to product data feeds.

Data feeds syndicate your products to three online marketplaces: Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and StreetPerformance. These feeds put your store in front of thousands of online shoppers actively looking to buy! The added visibility these sites provide will drive more visitors to your site and more orders to your cart.

The data feed is absolutely free for brands you have added yourself. Plans start at $99/mo with no contract if you’d like to syndicate the products we maintain for you.

Why Bother?

These product feeds get you in front of those customers actively looking to buy. I’m not simply window shopping while on a site like Google Shopping. I have my decision made, my wallet out, and am ready to commit. Make the most of your marketing dollars and get yourself in front of those customers. The ROI simply can’t be beat.

Signup Today

Signup is literally one-click. Login to your account, click Marketing Toolkit, then Data Feed.

Shopping Site Traffic

Techy Tuesday – Do you "Like" Facebook? You Should..

November 10th, 2010 by Tom Masiero

It seems like we have been on a facebook kick lately.. but the social juggernaut doesn’t look close to slowing down on it’s race toward a billion users.. I saw this post in regards to a little know feature that uses Facebook’s api to leverage user data to let friends see what their freinds like online. Bottom line is we are data guys and you guessed it here is our pie chart to prove my point :) .  There seems to be some pretty decent traffic that is coming directly from this application.   Have you tried implementing the Facebook like button on your site?

Add FREE SHIPPING Under Your Product Prices v2.0

October 20th, 2010 by Kyle West

After I wrote the original Add FREE SHIPPING Under Your Product Prices post earlier this year I have been getting a lot of requests for enhancements. Most of them can be done with some clever javascript, but one sticks out more than the others.

Only Show Free Shipping When the Price is Over $XXX.XX

Here you go, just add the following code to your custom <head> section in your Website Configuration. Make sure you change the ENTER_YOUR_PRICE_HERE variable to an actual price. No dollar signs!

Also, please note, you may change the <br />FREE SHIPPING to any valid HTML (images, links, etc.).

Happy Wednesday!

Small But Important Changes to RPMWare

October 18th, 2010 by Tom Masiero

Ok folks.. these aren’t huge changes but in my opinion three very important enhancements to RPMWare.   Our goal is to always make it easier for you and the end user.  Our goal is to make the best and most efficient catalog solution available.


Our first enhancement is a new feature in your product catalog in the backend dashboard that now displays dimensional weight info as well as country of origin.  If you are shipping international, you know how critical this information is.  Hopefully it will come in handy as it’s all part of RPMWare’s commitment to having the most complete data available.


Our second handy dandy new feature is the ‘Product Catalog Changes’ displayed when you login in to your dashboard. This reports shows any updated product changes by our fanatical data team.  Basically now you will know anytime we have added or changed any existing lines so you can make the necessary changes to your pricing etc.


Our third update was made specifically to clear up any product specific questions at check out as well the confirmation email that is sent to a customer.  Instead of using just the group name, we now provide an expanded product description so there is no question to what the customer is buying.

As we continue to grow, we want to make sure we are making the changes you want.  So please, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other requests. :)

Add FREE SHIPPING Under Your Product Prices

April 30th, 2010 by Kyle West

Want to show “FREE SHIPPING” or any other text under your prices in the product catalog? It’s easy with a little javascript. Just add the following code to your custom <head> section in your Website Configuration.

Happy Friday.

Morning Maintenance – Configuration Update

August 10th, 2009 by Kyle West

Hey guys, we just pushed a few configuration changes live to lower the file size of all the pages (we turned the compression level up). This means a little more work for our servers, but a lot less for your visitors to download. We’ll be monitoring performance all day, please let us know if you see any issues or slowdowns.

Need Help? Watch a Video Tutorial!

June 19th, 2009 by Matt Gold

RPMWare Video Tutorials

Ever get stuck while navigating around the Admin area of RPMWare?  Ever have a question afterhours or can’t get ahold of one of our reps on the phone? Are you just the do-it-yourself type, no matter how many hurdles you hit?

Well, RPMWare is trying to make your life easier with our first run of Video Tutorials.  Each Video Tutorial deals with a specific page in the RPMWare Admin area and gives a breif rundown of what everything does and how to use it.

From setting prices in the Product Catalog to configuring your DNS, we cover it all.  Just click the ‘Need Help? Watch a Video Tutorial.’ link whenever you see it to bring up a quick, informative video from yours truely.

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