K&N Press Release – K&N Racing Air Filter Option for Porsche 911 997 GT3 RSR Factory-Built Race Car!

April 21st, 2015 by Ernest Lo


The Porsche 911 GT3 was originally developed as a higher-performance version of the Porsche 911 sports car intended for racing. The GT3 was named after the FIA GT3 class it was designed to compete in. The 997 generation of the Porsche 911 GT3 has several road going variants, however the 2006-2012 RSR is a different car with reduced weight, improved handling, and increased horsepower. Often time’s road racers will remove their air filter in hopes of squeezing every ounce of power out of their car as possible. However, K&N feels that air filters are important for engine protection and can even straighten airflow for improved combustion.

K&N builds race specific air filters designed to increase airflow and reduce restriction even in comparison to standard K&N stock replacement air filters. Most K&N race specific air filters feature fewer layers of cotton gauze air filter media and fewer pleats in a unique pattern to provide basic engine protection with as little restriction as possible. K&N’s line of race specific air filters are designed for asphalt racing only. They are not intended for dirt track, off-road or highway use.

K&N race specific air filter 33-5008 for the 2006-2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR uses a unique pleat pattern to be less restrictive, providing high airflow, basic engine protection, and low restriction. As a result this K&N racing air filter increases horsepower and acceleration for the racetrack. The 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 997 GT3 RSR race specific air filter will fit directly inside the original air filter box assembly. No cutting or fitting modifications are required to install this filter, but fuel management modifications may be necessary to obtain optimum performance.

K&N air filters are washable and reusable. K&N race specific air filters are warranted against defective workmanship for one year after the date of purchase with no mileage limitation.

For more information on this product, check out K&N.

Edelbrock Press Release – New E-CNC 230 Cylinder Heads For Chevy LS3!

April 21st, 2015 by Ernest Lo


Introducing the new Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads. They are designed with a smaller port compared to the stock LS3 head for increased velocity making them an ideal upgrade for any cathedral port or 3.89″ bore LS application. Additionally, the altered valve angles, valve and spark plug locations, coupled with the small efficient intake port will provide significant performance improvements over stock heads when used with appropriate components.


  • 100% full CNC porting of intake ports, combustion chambers and exhaust ports for improved performance
  • 5/8″ deck
  • 13.25° valve angle
  • +.125″ raised exhaust port
  • Uses stock rocker arms
  • Raised spring pockets that are machined .200″ for use with longer valves
  • Heli-coiled rocker stud and exhaust bolt holes
  • Available for stock or LSX blocks

For more information on these cylinder heads, check out Edelbrock.

Megan Racing Press Release – New Euro Version Lowering Springs for 2015+ VW Golf MKVII GTI!

April 20th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


Megan Racing 2015+ VW Golf MKVII GTI Performance Lowering Springs are constructed of SAE 9254 Cold Wounded Steel, one of the strongest materials available. The high tensile strength and phosphate powder coating delivers outstanding spring rates that are extremely durable and resist premature “sagging”.

The result is a spring that specifically offers racecar handling, yet maintains smooth and comfortable ride characteristics. Carefully matched springs rates provide exceptional handling, response, control and balance. These springs offer a generous drop to your car while remaining very “streetable” by having enough clearance to avoid bottoming-out; and the lowered center of gravity improves performance and increases stability, as well as enhancing the appearance of the vehicle. (Note: Spring rates and drop amount vary by different vehicle application and chassis load.)


  • Color: Red
  • Lower rate: 1.3″ Front, 1.3″ Rear
  • MSRP: $169.00

For more information on these lowering springs, check out Megan Racing.

Turbosmart Press Release – New Dual Port Kompact Shortie for Ford’s EcoBoost Fiesta ST!

April 20th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


Ford knows that boost is the way of the future. Their EcoBoost technology engines are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with those of larger displacement, naturally aspirated engines. That’s why Ford is soon expected to offer EcoBoost engine technology in over 90% of its global vehicle line-up.

Turbosmart Speaks EcoBoost
No one knows EcoBoost better than Turbosmart. We make performance parts for every Ford EcoBoost application, but this, the world’s first aftermarket BOV for the new Fiesta ST is truly exciting.

Stock blow-off valves like those that come standard with the Fiesta ST often suffer from a range of problems. They are plastic, and they leak, and if you want to up the power (who doesn’t?) they have trouble holding the extra boost.

You’ll have no such troubles with Turbosmart’s Kompact Shortie blow-off valve. ​Like all Turbosmart blow-off valves, the new Fiesta ST Kompact Shorties have been designed, machined and hand assembled in-house. Keeping the process in-house, ensures only the best quality, and the aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction means cracking and leaking even under increased boost levels will never be an issue.

The Fiesta ST Shortie is produced with a light-weight, brass/aluminium, two-piece piston, which is then perfectly matched with precision engineered springs, giving razor sharp valve response, and a serious increase in performance over stock valves. The Shortie’s dual port design provides one plumb back port to keep the car’s computer happy, and a second vent to atmosphere port for that trademark Turbosmart BOV sound we all know and love.

For more information on this blow off valve, check out Turbosmart.

AEM Press Release – AEM Releases Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

April 17th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


AEM has released two Fuel Ethanol Content (Flex Fuel) Sensor Kits, one with 3/8″ barbed adapter fittings and one with -6AN to 3/8″ adapter fittings (PN 30-2200 barbed fittings, PN 30-2201 -6AN fittings).

AEM’s Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits measure a vehicle’s fuel ethanol content percentage and fuel temperature, which allows users with programmable engine management systems (capable of tuning for flex fuel) the ability to optimize an engine’s tuning calibration for fuel ethanol content. While many gas stations label flex fuel as E85 (85% Ethanol and 15% Gasoline), actual ethanol content can be much different. Using AEM’s Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor delivers the ability to determine the amount of fuel blend being used at any given time.

This sensor is ideal for use with AEM’s Infinity standalone programmable ECU and Series 2 EMS on flex-fuel equipped vehicles, or it can be connected to a dash display or data logger.

For more information on these sensors, check out AEM.

Skunk2 Press Release – New NC Miata Alpha Header!

April 17th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


Skunk2 is proud to announce its all-new Alpha Series Header for the ’06-’13 NC Miata. Patterned after our already popular and dyno-proven MegaPower Headers, which have been used by leading, competitive race teams for years, Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header employs many of the same design characteristics and technology. Our decision to produce the Alpha Series Header was driven by our desire to make our race-proven design more affordable and accessible to everyday enthusiasts. Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header for the NC Miata offers Skunk2 performance, industry-leading customer service, and a full warranty policy, all at a price comparable to lesser budget-minded headers. Unlike the budget-minded headers, though, only Skunk2 Alpha Series Headers ensure precise fitment and the peace of mind of knowing that a Skunk2 representative is just a phone call or email away.

All Skunk2 headers are designed and engineered to maximize exhaust flow and increase both horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. The unique design is the result of more than a decade of racing experience coupled with computerized modeling and extensive dyno testing. Each Skunk2 Alpha Series Header features equal-length, and a 4-1 design that terminates into a True Merged collector with a 2.5-inch outlet. These features, paired with Skunk2’s unique design specs, provide an extremely broad powerband that’s applicable to a wide range of engine sizes and configurations. Alpha Series Headers also feature bung provisions for OEM sensors. Each header is constructed from stainless steel with mandrel-bent tubing for added strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

For more information on these coilovers, check out Skunk2.

Stance USA Press Release – New FR-S/BRZ V.2 60mm Drop Lower Control Arms!

April 16th, 2015 by Ernest Lo

Stance BRS-FRS Control Arms

Designed and assembled in the USA, the Stance FR-S/BRZ V.2 LCA is CNC’d billet aluminum and FEA tested to be 3x stronger than the OEM arms.  Aurora 3pcs PTFE lined bearings provide years of noise free performance.  Aurora Bearing co. gained their reputation by producing bearings for military and aerospace vehicles.

V.2 LCA will benefit cars with external reservoir coilovers that have line fitting on the bottom of the dampers, which limit overall ride height adjustment.

Single height adjustable coilovers, such as KW has very limited height adjustment due to lack of bump travel, using the V.2 arms, you can gain back bump travel.

Rocket Bunny flares are radiused higher than stock fenders, which meant sacrificing shock travel or using extremely short dampers which can hinder performance and ride quality.  The V.2 LCA works perfect for the high radius flares.

For more information on these V.2 LCAs, check out Stance USA.

K&N Press Release – K&N Air Intake Upgrades 2014 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 EcoTec3 4.3L V6 Horsepower!

April 15th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


These days a full-size pickup truck is expected to do more than just carry a fully loaded bed, or tow a trailer. A modern full-size pickup truck is expected to also incorporate a refined interior with modern-day technology, a comfortable platform that is quiet on-road, yet rugged off-road and of course it must have style. Not only that, but EPA requirements and consumer expectations have forced full-size truck manufacturers to squeeze more power and better fuel economy out of their engines. For example General Motors (GM) used the 4.3L 4300 Vortec V6 as its base engine for the full-size Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 for years. In 2013 this engine was rated at 195 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. However, for 2014 the same size 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 engine with new technologies such as direct injection, variable valve timing, and even active fuel management, allows the standard V6 to produce 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque. This puts the standard 2014 Silverado / Sierra EcoTec3 V6’s performance on par with the 4.8L Vortec V8 engine of the 2013 Silverado and Sierra.

This of course doesn’t mean that 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 owners won’t benefit from a little more horsepower and torque. In fact, by simply installing K&N performance air intake 77-3085KP 2014 Silverado and Sierra V6 owners can increase acceleration and add more power for hauling or towing. The K&N 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.3L and GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 air intake system is expert-engineered and guaranteed to increase horsepower and torque. It replaces the restrictive factory system with a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum air intake tube to help minimize restriction, straighten, and increase airflow to the engine. The intake tube is then finished with a bright, chrome-like, finish for good looks and durability.

A K&N high-flow chrome top conical air filter RF-1041 is fitted to the inlet of the intake system to provide superior airflow and superior performance without sacrificing filtration efficiency. The filter is washable and reusable and can go up to 100,000 miles between cleanings, depending on driving conditions. When it does come time to service the K&N air filter, cleaning can be easily completed using one of K&N’s readily available Recharger air filter service kits. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.3L and GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 air intake system also incorporates an air filter heat shield which helps to guard cooler air entering the engine from ambient heat.

Because the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.3L and GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 air intake system is designed to decrease restriction, and increase airflow, it is able to make impressive performance gains in horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range of the already powerful standard V6 engine. On the dyno, when installed on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 4.3 liter EcoTec3 V6, the 77-3085KP performance air intake system produced an estimated additional 10.02 horsepower at 5285 rpm and 13.54 pound-feet of torque at a low 3,548 rpm. Increased power will require the engine to expend less energy to cruise down the highway with active fuel management in place, or help during full throttle acceleration situations.

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.3L and GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 air intake system is an easy to install performance upgrade that can be installed in about 90 minutes or less using basic hand tools, and by following K&N’s simple step-by-step instructions. The cold air intake maintains all necessary factory connections and does not require any additional modifications be made to the vehicle. K&N backs its air filters and air intake systems with a 10-year/million mile limited warranty so owners can rest assured that their intake system can stand up to tough conditions.

Whether the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.3L and GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 is used as a reliable daily driver, dedicated workhorse, or something in between, the K&N 77-3085KP Performance Air Intake system will provide increased performance with better engine sound for years to come.

For more information on this product, check out K&N.

COBB Press Release – New 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Flow Filter!

April 15th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


COBB High Flow Filters are designed to permit very high flow rates, minimize restriction, maximize filtration and provide a long life filter. Using proprietary woven cotton and metal mesh with a precision molded rubber base, the COBB High Flow Filter ensures that only clean air passes into your engine for maximum efficiency. Why not treat your car to fresh air with a COBB High Flow Filter and let it reward you with increased power and fuel economy!


  • Washable/Reusable Cotton Gauze Media
  • Precision Molded for Direct Drop In To The Factory Air Box
  • Increased Air Flow While Maintaining Filtering Efficiency
  • Pre-Oiled
  • Compatible with COBB Accessport OTS Maps

For more information on this intake, check out COBB.

Tanabe Press Release – New Sustec Front Strut Tower Bar for 2015 Subaru WRX/STI!

April 14th, 2015 by Ernest Lo


The new Tanabe Sustec front strut tower bar is one of the most cost efficient upgrades that can be added to your 2015 Subaru WRX/STI. Providing a very high degree of benefit in handling and stability that is felt immediately after installing, it is often one of the first modifications performed on a vehicle. The Tanabe Sustec Tower Bar has been very popular due to its low price and high functionality. By physically connecting the strut towers, the tower bar increases rigidity in that area, allowing the damping system to work as designed and minimizing changes in suspension geometry.

For more information on this strut bar, check out Tanabe.

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